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Online Casino Sports Betting by AOL

Online sports bettors are in for a nice surprise in the very near future. One of the most recognized faces in online entertainment will be joining the online sports gambling party starting August. America Online, one of the largest suppliers of online entertainment and media, decided to offer its customers the ability to wager over international horseracing and other sporting events. AOL’s new gambling platform is titled JAXX UK Ltd, and will be the British subsidiary of FLUXX. The company is based in London and will be responsible for the different gambling offers that AOL will put up. All odds and promotions will be decided by JAXX as well.

“As part of our mission to make the AOL UK portal the premier online destination for web users and advertisers alike, we are looking at a range of partnerships and initiatives to drive our business forward in Europe”, said the Vice President of International Marketing over at AOL Europe. This basically means that AOL recognizes the growing popularity of online casino sports playing in Europe and wants a part of the action. A large number of surfers begin their day on the Internet by searching for a good online casino to wager at. By offering sports gambling services on their portal, AOL will surely get the attention of these users. The British gambling market is considered a rising force in the world of gambling, both sports gambling and casino games wise. With a betting volume of about GBP 70 billion – who would say no?

Hopefully, this move by AOL will attract additional media companies into the world of online sports betting. Horseracing, for example, is even allowed under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and companies will be able to offer such wagers in the United States as well. Either way AOL’s decision is more than welcomed by the online sports gambling community.

OCA News Editor