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Women Show Better Skills at Sports Gambling

As far as the average male is concerned, men know more about sports than women. In fact, most of the women would agree with this claim. However, the Harvard Medical School would definitely disagree. A new study on sports betting via the internet shows that high-stake women gamblers are better than their masculine counterparts! That’s right, women are better at online sports betting than men according to the study who shows that women in general show a “more effective sports betting behavior than men”.

The entire study is scheduled for a later release, but bits of it are released from time to time. The study focuses on patterns and demography in online sports gambling and casts a useful light on the industry. The latest information shows that women wager higher stakes with more intensity than man. While the men, who comprised 92 percent of the people participating in the study, wagered an average of Euro 11 per bet, the women wagered Euro 15 and more often. Another interesting piece of information is that the biggest bettors were less likely to lose than smaller bettors by some 50 percent. Looking at the results, people who bet Euro 44 per bet lost 9 percent of the time in comparison with people who bet Euro 1 per bet and lost 18 percent of the time.

It’s important to stress that the study doesn’t conclude that such behavior should be practiced. People who wagered large sums lost respectively. Further study should be made before any conclusion can be made regarding the “best way to gamble”. As for the women being more successful than the men, this too will be answered only after additional research. It’s possible that men do not wager that passionately because they know about the different statistics and team’s balance causing them to hesitate.

OCA News Editor