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New Online Casino Services by Popular Sportsbook

The days when online sports books cater solely for the sports loving fans are long gone. Everyone knows that an online sports book is simply an over grown online casino that now offer sports wagers. However, the game can be played both ways. betED, the well respected Costa Rican bookmaker has decided to expand it’s gambling services and to offer customers with online casino games. The thin line between an online casino and a site that offers sports betting just gotten thinner. As things are going, with the American market closed for foreign gambling firms and video poker becoming a global hit, firms want a piece of the action. A website that offers only sports gambling doesn’t meet its full potential and sports betting sites are realizing just that.

On the other hand, an online casino that doesn’t offer sports betting is also left behind. Why not let players use the money they win while playing online casino slots as antes for sports wagers – in the same site! Players shouldn’t have to look for other places to wager at. The need for a different account, a new registration, etc is something that no one wants. Possibilities are what people are looking for when they head to the net. Judging by the new online casino – sports book site, possibilities is exactly what people will get. The gambling platform is browser-based and the site will work on Windows, Macintosh and Linux giving players the outmost selection.

The service is round-the-clock and players from different time-zones will find it extremely comfortable. Blinds go up every 15 minutes and you can play all the time. The industry is changing into a more global approach and online sports books are doing the same. Online casino games are especially customizable for such a gaming style and the site offer a special Sit & Go format where playing online poker is constantly available.

OCA News Editor