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New Ruling Stats Fantasy Sports to be Legal

Fans of sports betting would be happy to learn that Fantasy sports are in no way illegal. A ruling by a federal court in New Jersey has put an end to speculations and uncertainties about the legality of betting over Fantasy sports. The issue evolved around the fees asked by operates. If you like to play Fantasy sports you have to pay a fee and some claim that this is similar to gambling antes. According to the law, this is apparently now true.

Fantasy leagues allow participants to manage virtual teams that base on real world statistics. Each team consists of professional players and gets its value form the performance of the players in the real world. Although, the virtual real meets the real one – gambling occurs in the virtual one. This is different from online gambling as there is no casino and no slots or roulette games. This is not a sports book either and you cannot place bets over the outcomes of the games. So what why do people think this is gambling? Unclear.

Players pay a fee to buy the virtual team they want to manage. Then they use their knowledge of real world players to win matches against other teams. At the end of the season the winning team is called and the player who managed it receives prizes. So in a way, by placing an entrance fee you try to win a jackpot. This does sounds like online casino gambling, but there is one big difference. The “jackpot” we are talking about is a T-Shirt. That’s it. There is no multi-million dollar reward and no money waiting for the players. People “gamble” because they love sports and want to manage their own team. No one is playing for the “jackpot”. This has nothing to do with virtual casinos or online casino sports books.

OCA News Editor