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Europe Fans Wager Over NFL World Tour

America is crazy about football. That’s a common fact that will probably never change. However, Europe’s craze is about soccer, that’s another fact that would not vanish soon. World Cup in England is regarded as War and we see pictures of fans clashing all the time. The NFL realized that Europe has many sports fans and that it would be in their best interest to promote their games in Europe. What is the best way to capture the attention of sports fans? That’s easy – bring the game to them! The Miami Dolphins and the New York Giant, two of the most popular football teams in America, will face each other at no other than Wembley Stadium.

A game of this magnitude attracts attention, but sports fans are not the only one interest in the upcoming mega-match. The betting public is also looking forward for the event. Bookmakers and online gambling sites are offering great promotions for the event and great possibilities for people who want to take advantage of this rare opportunity. Watching a match that you wagered on is much more exciting than just looking at teams battle. When you have a personal interest in the game you see everything differently, and that’s why so many fans from the United Kingdom are interested in betting over the match.

The excitement is apparent everywhere. Wembley already sold 40,000 tickets for the event and although there are more than four months until the day of the match, odds are already being offered at gambling sites and online casinos. This specific match is also attractions much attention in the United States. It’s not everyday that an NFL match is being held overseas. Although online gambling through casino sites is not available as before, Americans can still wager through bookmakers at states that permit gambling.

OCA News Editor