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Sports Book Founder Opens Blog

The online casino industry is known for its dynamic approach. Executives are always looking for the ‘next big thing’ in marketing and online gambling firms carry out new promotional initiatives all the time. One of the must famous characters when it comes to promotion is no other then Bodog’s Calvin Ayre. The head of Bodog Entertainment, which operates on of the largest online sports books in the business, has a thing with marketing and we constantly hear about new promotion projects by his firm. One of the most bizarre yet interesting prospects was an idea to publish the sports book’s logo on an airline that carries flights to Las Vegas.

Ayre’s newest idea is not that strange. Actually, it is not strange at all. The founder of Bodog will take his personal business to the web and publish his own blog. The site will feature loads of videos and bring Ayre’s personal take regarding online business to the public. With communities taking over the internet, in light of MySpace’s and other community-based sites’ success, everyone wants to take part in the growing change. Offering a personal blog makes it easier for Ayre to reach his customer base and promote his business.

In fact, Ayre decided to open his blog after a great experience he had with MySpace. The online sports book CEO opened his page at the community site and was happy to learn that people wanted to know more. Ayre is highly associated with the online gambling industry, although his company offers many different products and attractions involving the entertainment world. For those who plan to follow the new blog, know that your hands are going to be full. Ayre plans to update the site at least once a week with new content in varying subjects. The site will also be a great place to read about online gambling news and stories about the casino business.

OCA News Editor