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American Sports Book Giant Targets Europe

It took time, but now we see it happening with our own eyes – Bodog, possibly the biggest online sports book operator, announced that the firm will try a push into the European market “within months”. The all-American sports book operator is starting to feel the burden of a close American market and follows other leaders at the online casino community which took their business elsewhere. Bodog is operating one of the most successful sports gambling venues on the net and has a special connection to the sports community in the United States. The firm has sponsored several events and was part of a number of initiations involving some of the biggest names in American sports.

Although sports are the firm’s main money-maker, Bodog’s poker product will be the first to hit Europe. The gambling giant will then offer a full sports book offering by the end of the year. It will be interesting to see what business strategy Bodog will take. Are we going to see new sports projects headed by the European Bodog? Or will the gambling firm stay law and try to attract players using its American brand alone? One thing is certain – the competition over the European market is about to heat up. The company is known for having a strong business presence in every market it operates in.

Bodog is not merely an online gambling firm. The company’s business has spread deeply into the entertainment industry, with the firm’s running its own music label and TV shows. Bodog Music has recently signed Wu Tang Clan, what will surely play a key role in the company’s efforts to promote its online casino business in Europe. With the firm’s sports gambling platform coming at the end of the year, we should expect more news of future cooperation between the online casino firm and elements from the European sports community.

OCA News Editor