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888 Sponsored Soccer Club Takes UEFA CUP Again

Soccer club Sevilla FC, sponsored by one of the biggest gambling brands in the world, has managed to accomplish what only one other soccer team has ever done – defending a UEAF Cup title and winning the tournament for a second time in a row! Sevilla FC defeated Espanyol 3-1 on Wednesday at the end of a thrilling shootout. The official 90 minutes (followed by a 30 minutes of extra time) ended with a 2-2 score and the game was decided by penalty shots. 888, the team’s sponsor, was thrilled with the news and the online casino is now offering all sorts of new attractions and wagers for the occasion.

The sponsorship deal between Sevilla FC and the online casino 888 was the focus of much attention in the industry. 888 paid a very high sum for the privilege of printing its logo on Sevilla’s jerseys. Millions of soccer fans watch Sevilla matches around the world and such sponsorship deals are a great way to promote online gambling. The online casino 888 is also offering sports betting, what makes it’s only natural to sponsor a famous soccer team. It seems like 888 wagered on the right horse this time. With Sevilla FC taking the UEFA Cup for the second time, the team’s players (and shirts) will be featured on many TV screens across the world for a long time.

The UEFA Cup is one of the most important tournaments in Europe. With the industry moving to Europe following the enactment of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, 888’s couldn’t hoped for a better deal – sponsoring the UEFA Cup holder. But that’s not all. Sevilla seems to be going for the big jackpot. The online casino sponsored team is aiming for the Spanish league title and the Copa del Rey crown. Currently, the club is third in the league and has a good chance of making it. If Sevilla takes additional titles, the awareness for the 888 brand will only keep growing and with it will the awareness for the online gambling industry in Europe.

OCA News Editor