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Backgammon Site Auctions Sports Star Shorts

Heavyweight boxer Roman Greenberg’s shorts have been purchased by a backgammon website for a sum of $100,000. The gambling site decided to buy the sport star’s shorts in order to auction them for charity, and arouse public’s awareness for online gambling and the site’s existence. Site owners announced that the money will be donated to groups assisting Arab and Jewish young in distress. This is not the first time that an online gambling service provider uses a charity event in order to reach mainstream consciousness. There are plenty for sports loving gamblers about there and they will surely hear about Greenberg’s shorts promotion.

Greenberg defeated American Michael Simms at the world famous Madison Square Garden in NY and has many big names under his victory list. The great boxer had beaten Kendrick Releford, Julius Francis and Steve Pannell and is regarded as the youngest heavyweight boxer with a real shot at the WBY championship. He now resides in the United Kingdom and trains with Jim Evans. Greenberg is one of the biggest names in the world of boxing and although this has nothing to do with backgammon betting, this will surely stir the attention site owners hope it will.

The backgammon site, Backgammon Masters, is known for its live backgammon tournaments where players can duel one another at backgammon. The game is slowly gaining popularity on the web and becoming a major hit about online casino players. With so many options available for online gamblers today, people are discovering new games from all over the world. The gambling community is expanding and we see that boundaries are slowly being crossed. Publicity stunts like this one, that involves sports starts, were once exclusively used by gambling websites that offer sports betting. However, gambling is now being marketed as a means of entertainment, and all site owner feel that connecting their site’s brand with sporting events will deliver a the right message. Backgammon tournaments can be looked at as sports tournaments where the goal is to express skill.

OCA News Editor