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UK Bodies After Inside Sports Book Information

Betting over sporting events is a very popular form of gambling and there are dozens of online websites that offer sports betting for the gambling loving public. Just as casino players like to bet on matches and tournaments, all kinds of different people bet on sports. With today’s online platforms it is possible to know the identity of people that bet at online casino sites, and there’s a lot of talking about whether or not should firms keep track of sports players placing bets on their own games. Usually, when a name of a player is mentioned and sports betting is involved, the picture is not favorable.

There’s an ethical problem with sports players betting over an event which they have an influence on its result, and nowadays there’s a way to keep record of such attempts. Governing sports bodies in the United Kingdom decided to use the available technology and demanded from bookmakers and other internet gambling operators that unlimited access to information concerning the betting habits of sports stars will be handed to them. According to those bodies, betting over sports threatens the integrity of the sport and claimed that athlete accounts be automatically flagged. While this would surely deter athletes from using their inside influence to damage the integrity of the sport –and hurt the bookmaker and online casino providers-, it also brings up a question of privacy.

While gambling over sports is highly popular in the United States, and even through there are many and various popular types of sports in America, this issue has not come up. The reason is that sports betting, online poker and other gambling services over the internet is currently impossible under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Surely, if the ban over online gambling is lifted, we will hear about the same issues being discussed in the United States as well. The gambling industry could try and bring the issue to the front of the stage. By doing so, it could demonstrate responsibility and gain a few more points in Congress.

OCA News Editor