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Russia to Open the Door for Online Casino Sports Betting?

Sporting events are very important for the online casino sport betting industry. Such events attracts many sports fans from around the world and online gambling firms try hard to sponsor sporting events in an effort to promote their business. Last week, the Mixed Martial Arts fight between Russia and the United States took place, and aside from being a great spectacle – it left hope in the hearts of many Russian online casino sports fans (and not because Russia won the fight, which it did). Calvin Ayre, the owner of the online casino sports book that sponsored the occasion, was warmly greeted by Russian President Vladimir Putin and raised many question marks.

Currently, it seems as if the online casino industry in Russia is heading a dead-end with a bill addressing online gambling is already in the make. However, why would an online casino firm invest so much money in sponsoring an event that targets citizens of a country that is about to ban online casino sports gambling? Many people would like to think that Putin’s meet with Ayre might open the door to a Russian-endorsed online casino site for the Russian public. There are many online gambling lovers in Russia and if the Russian government will support the industry, then remarkable achievements can be made.

If you look at the company that the Russian President brought to the fight, you might get your hopes up as well. Putin was hosting the former prime minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi. Italy has recently changed it’s take on online casino sports gambling and decided to endorse the industry and even offer gambling licenses. Is it possible that Berlusconi talked to Putin about the prospects and benefits of regulating the online casino industry? Were they just enjoying a night of wonderful sports or maybe they were examining the field? There are many questions up in the air and Russian online casino fans are truly hoping that Putin will act in favor of online gambling and maybe even bring Ayre’s site to Russia.

OCA News Editor