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Online Casino Sports Industry Cuts Manpower

The downsizing in the United States online casino industry continues as one of the leading information sites, that caters for sports fans, is now letting 28 staffers go. The news were published on an online casino gambling portal that follows the industry closely, especially since October 2006 when the anti online casino bill was enacted. Players that bet on sports are usually using at least one information site that helps them decide on which wager to put their money on. There are dozens of wagers and an almost endless options and consulting a professional information site is always a good idea. Now we learn that not only online casino firms were affected by the bill, but other companies that cater for the American industry were damaged as well.

Shaun Torrey, head of the handicapping division, and Stephen Nover, the highly respected sports analyst, were both among the dismissed personnel. The company stated that individual performance was in no way the reason for the firing, but rather the general state in the online casino industry in the United States. The biggest names in the online casino industry have exited the American market and moved to other markets, and the business cycle is now lower. We already saw firms letting employees go back in October, and it seems that the shockwave left by the anti online casino bill are still manifesting.

Online casino sports betting is among the most popular brands of online gambling, but it seems that it does not matter. According to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, it is illegal for financial companies to conduct business with online casino firms – and this includes firms that deal with online sports betting. Although horseracing is still permitted, and it’s not as popular as other sports betting fields such as basketball or football. The online casino industry in the United States is estimated to downsize in about 30 to 80 percent, and this means that changes will surely take place.

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