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Australian Online Casino Sports Book Targets Europe

An Australian online casino sports book firm signed one of the biggest deals recently sealed in the Australian online casino gambling industry. The online casino sports book, which enjoyed a 45 percent of a global revenue stream, decided to expands its business and signed an agreement for the following 10 years with A German lotto operator. The gambling site invested more than US$ 4 million and will develop a new product called V75 – a new lottery-style game that well appeal to a large audience of online casino gambling lovers. The game will bring a new kind of jackpot system, where the jackpot wager is a combination of a seven leg accumulator type bet – something the very much resembles to the lottery way of doing things.

It’s true that online sports betting are among the most popular form of online casino gambling, but firms are constantly trying to expand. Today’s online casino players are looking for a diverse online experience and would not settle for one platform alone. Sports fans that head to the Australian online casino sports book will find new attractions, and the firm hopes that its players base will grow. The Australian firm is targeting the European market as a whole, but the German public in specific.

Germans are known for their passion for lottery games, and the new game will be perfect for them. The German nation is also a major sports loving people, and online casino players that will want to enjoy some sports book fun, will be more than happy to learn that they can incorporate their passion for sports – with the thrill of playing a lottery like online casino game. The grand prize will go to players that have all seven of the seven winners, and three smaller prizes will go to players that got five out of seven right. This means there is more than one winner, and the chance of winning is even higher. Head to the online casino sports book today, and try the new platform for yourself!

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