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Middlesbrough FC and 888 Take On the Field

While on the back of Middlesbrough Captain George Boateng’s jersey appears the number 7 and on the back of Brazilian midfielder Fabio Rochemback the number 10, they have the same digits on their chests: 888. That’s right, the online casino group has sponsored the Middlesbrough Football Club and their famous logo appears on players’ jerseys. In fact, the online casino company has sponsored the Premier League Football Club since the 2004-5 season. The relationship has proven extremely successful for both sides of the agreement. The online casino company has enjoyed its relationship with the popular football club, with a new pool of potential gamblers and casino members finding out about the online casino games and fun they can have when they are not in the stands cheering their favorite team. The fans enjoy more than just an opportunity to gamble at a quality online casino that is related to their football club. They also have a chance to win tickets to games and even join the team for international competitions elsewhere all over the continent. But surely the most important aspect is brand exposure, and this both sides see a lot of these days.

The Boro, as the English football club is commonly known, plays at the Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough in Northeast England. It was founded a long time ago in 1876. Its joining hands in a business partnership with the 888 online casino is a smart business move that has pleased many of its fans. Boro fans are mostly located in the city, but can be found at the far corners of the world, in Australia and New Zealand on the one end and Nigeria (where Boateng comes from) on the other. One other thing can bring the Boro fans closer together around their favorite thing in life is the online casino, their club’s sponsor and often the source for a ticket to the next game. Now they have more than only the mascot, Roary the Lion, to cheer them up. The online casino enjoys holding on to the other end of the stick, as the sponsorship deal has brought along new members, an important aspect when coming to measure the value of the agreement between 888 and Middlesbrough.

Now 888 online casino gamblers and employees can enjoy loyalty credits that are of the best in the world. Free tickets to matches and hospitality packages for loyal gamblers who are long time members of the online casino are not only a way to keep gamblers at bay, but also the best possible marketing slogan in the business. The team, its website and players are all taking part in press initiatives, spreading the word on the value of 888 as an online casino and the perks that team fans can enjoy if they visit the online casino site. For if there is anything better than having a free ticket await you at an online casino site to go and see your favorite football club play on Sunday, it is having one of your favorite players invite you to do so. And if Middlesbrough is not your favorite team, then maybe if you give it a chance it will be. 888 is counting on that as does the Boro club. “Looking to the future, we will be working to further engage the football fans and build the 888 experience,” said the chief of the online casino site. With online casinos gaining popularity and legitimacy in the UK and this deal proving a smart move, surely other sites and clubs will join as well.

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