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Online Casino Bets of UEFA Cup

It might be winter out but the soccer world is just heating up. Coming back from another break in international competitions, the teams are setting up for the next stages of the UEFA Cups and others. They are not alone gearing up, as the online casino community of sports gambling is also following closely. Odds for the various games and the various competing teams are being posted at the online casino sports books and are as interesting as the action which takes place on the field. Gamblers can metaphorically keep in shape even at their computer desks while the players and coaches manage the games on the field.

English soccer club Tottenham Hotspur has become the online casino sports bookies’ favorite to win the last 16 stage of the UEFA Cup. They have enjoyed a bye into the stage following Feyenoord’s expulsion. Will they indeed end up with the trophy? Chances used to be, according to one online casino sports bookmaker, 6 to 1, but are now higher at 9 to 2. Chasing Tottenham on the field and at the online casino sports books are, in order, last year’s winners Sevilla, Werder Bremen, Benfica and Newcastle.

England is not only the soccer center of Europe but leads the pack also with all that has to do with online casino sports betting. The online casino bookmaker offers 9 to 2 odds for ten English clubs to reach the last 16 stage of the Cup tournament. A lesser number of teams are also covered at the online casino. So for anywhere between 7 and 9 teams to reach the final 16 odds are 2/7, for four to six teams it is 5/1, and so on. Take a chance and maybe you can reach the finals with your team and your bet at the online casino.

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