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Super Bowl Countdown at the Online Casino

A week from tomorrow, on February 4 it all comes to an end. Or perhaps it only begins… The online casino world, the sports world and at times it seems as if the entire world are waiting for the highly anticipated sports event of the year and the online casino sports betting opportunity of the year. It is, ladies and gentlemen, Super Bowl XLI. The Indianapolis Colts will face the Chicago Bears in Miami on Sunday evening for a match between the best offensive team and the best defensive team in the league. Depending on what gamblers value more – forcing turnovers or putting points on the board – so will the sportsbooks go. The online casino world is posting its odds for the game and is expecting a great number of bets to generate over the eight days until the coin toss.

The Chicago Bears reached the Super Bowl after defeating “Cinderella” from New Orleans. The Saints have played tremendous football this year, enough to reach the NFC finals and give the city and state from which it comes a reason to be proud. Chicago beat the Saints offense, which was the best in the NFC. Now it will face another offensive unit, guided by two-time MVP Peyton Manning, for the league championship.

Manning and co. are finally in the Super Bowl. Although posting the best record in past years in the regular season, they have only last week removed the money they were carrying on their backs, and that too took them 58 gruesome minutes. The New England Patriots came onto the artificial turf in the RCA Stadium like favorites, but have lost 38-34 with a come from behind fourth quarter touchdown drive. Now the Colts need to face the Bears favorite stand in the online casino sportsbooks, perhaps an easier task than stopping Tom Brady but no less sweet.

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