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Italy Grants Licenses for Two Online Casino Sports Groups

The AAMS, the Italian state betting agency, has approved that two online casino gambling operators have been granted sports gambling licenses. Italy has decided to support the gambling industry and to offer gaming licenses for both land-based and online gambling platforms. Many brands have already listed for an Italian gaming license, and now we hear that two online casino operators have been granted sports licenses. This means that the firms are able to operate online casino sports gambling sites and to offer sports betting for the Italian public under the Italian law.

The gambling companies will also offer horseracing gambling for the Italian public, as they won a license for that as well. Both licenses refer to online casino gambling, but not only. The licenses also include the right to open gambling centers in bars and other public places and promote them all under the same brand. This will give sports betting agencies great publicity and more people will become familiar with their gambling brand and realize that online casino sports betting is a valid option in Italy. The Italian government was against online casino firms that were working from outside the country, and even banned their IPs, but now the Italian authorities are looking for firms that are interested in online gambling, and are looking to invest in the field.

One of the online casino sports book firms said that it is planning to acquire additional online gambling licenses in Italy and that sports is not going to be the only field of interest. There are many other platforms and the Italian government supports all of them. Although sports betting in Italy is highly popular and online casino industry is becoming stronger in Europe, and firms that want to remain in the game have to offer a diverse selection. Italy has become among the most popular venues for online casino firms looking to expand into the European market. Whether it is sports gambling or casino gambling, the central European country is an excellent choice.

OCA News Editor