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Vietnamese Authorities Take Down Online Casino Sports Ring

South East Asia is planning to join the global online casino party, but it seems that it will take some time until online casino gambling is really regulated over there. In Vietnam, although a program to regulate the local online casino and sport book industries exists, police are still enforcing the ban over internet gambling, and raids take place often. Just this past week, the Vietnam police took down a major sports gambling ring that operated in the city of Ho Chi Minh confiscating about $400,000 in cash. The biggest gambling operations in that part of the world are usually sports betting rings that roll millions of dollars. It is easier to place bet on the net, and people are access the websites quickly. This makes it very tempting to operate an online casino site that offers sports betting.

The online casino sports betting operation that was taken down worked in the city and the provinces around it. It did not offer gambling options for international clients, and only domestic players were accepted. That did not mean that the operation was legal, and the Vietnam police had to act. Following a long investigation with more than 100 agents involved, the online casino sports betting ring was finally detected and taken down. Think about the manpower and efforts that the authorities are putting into enforcing the ban over the online casino and sports book industries, and the things that such an effort can be directed to.

Regulating the online casino industry is the only way to go, and governments around the world are starting to realize it. Financially and socially, regulating the industry is the best option. Players will only gamble at established venues that will not exploit them, money can be directed to the society and problematic gamblers are be treated. With gambling remaining outside the law, the black market controls everything and negative elements are using the online casino industry for their advantages. Moving the industry into the mainstream will make sure that negative elements do not take part in the world of online casino and sports gambling, and players will have a safer environment for their entertainment.

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