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Hurting Online Casino Sports Book Fully Operational Again

The passing year was not the year that the online casino industry was hoping for, and many brands have suffered great loses during the last couple of months. However, one of the most popular online casino sports books in the United Kingdom can clearly claim that it was the one to suffer the most. The online casino sports operation caught the eye of U.S. authorities even before the enactment of the new Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and legal proceeding were taken against key individuals in the company. The online casino sports book is publicly listed, and had to close down many of it’s working businesses to attend the growing fiasco in the states, and by that lost a significant about of money.

The company had to close most of its online casino sports booking operations, and management has changed hands. There was little hope that the company will be able to pull through, and return to business, but it did. The online casino sports book is currently fully operational under the new management, and analysts say that it will even meet predictions. The company sold all of its United States’ businesses, and refocused on the European market. The online casino sports book could not offer sports gambling, nor could it offer online poker, or any other form of online gambling in America. In light of the new anti internet gambling laws, closing down was its only option.

With 2006 coming to an end, things are looking better –for both the online casino sports book and the entire gambling industry. A company’s spokesperson said that the firm’s expectations will be met, and the company is generating revenue once again. Sports bets are once again flowing in, and both the company and customers are happy. Relocation was a good solution, as currently 8 U.S states are not allowing online casino gambling firms to offer services for their citizens with Washington, Nevada, Louisiana, Oregon, South Dakota, Illinois, and Michigan on the list, it’s hard making business in America.

OCA News Editor