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Look at Online Casino Sites and Find the Most American Sports

When thinking about American sports, you probably picture people playing Baseball, or many an image from the NBA comes to mind. However, when taking about ‘The U.S. National Game’, people should be taking about Poker. That’s right; the most popular game at the online casino sites is the same game that is considered to be the most played sports game in America. Poker is a sport like soccer, basketball, and hockey. It might not be played in big arenas, but it has teams, tournaments, and rules, like any other sports that you know and love! Poker is the most American game, and by looking at the overwhelming popularity that online casino poker enjoys at online casino sites, you have no choice but to agree.

Jack Kelly, an author on the American Heritage site, wrote an article about the sports of Poker, and its impact on the American people. Although poker is played at online casino sites, it is firstly a game of the people. Poke is the game of Presidents as it is the game of the dockworkers, back in the old days. Immigrants were playing poker as they were making their first steps in America, just as online casino players gamble at online casino poker rooms as they explore the new world of the internet. The sports of poker was there throughout American history, and Kelly follows the sports’ line all the way back.

One of the most interesting comments on Kelly’s article is a reference to a 1875 opinion that was published on the New York Times saying that “The very American career of the card game you can learn in 10 minutes and work on for the rest of your life!” Just look at all those poker champions that are on TV. Look at the World Series of Poker, the most lucrative event of the sports of American poker, and you can see how true that line is. This is the real spirit of poker, where anyone can play, and anyone can profit. The sports of poker is the very spirit of the American dream, and that is probably why so many people around the world are playing poker at the online casino sites. People play at online casino rooms and try to capture the American dream as they play.

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