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Major Online Casino Sports Brand Relocate to Antigua

The new Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is leaving its mark over the online casino sports industry in the same way it does on other online gambling fields. One of the most popular online casino sports brands, and possibly the most successful one in America, has moved its business to the Caribbean island of Antigua. This shows that even the biggest and most influential members of the online casino sports industry had to change their ways. Calvin Ayre, owner of the online sports book, told the Antigua Sun that things are very different, but the industry can only change for the better at this point.

People that play at online casino sports sites, and know the industry well, will probably recognize the change. The big brands are all relocating and only smaller, privately-held, companies are still offering online sports betting for the American public. The online casino sports book industry’s top brands are publicly listen and have to protect their shareholders against possible “malpractice”. With smaller operators things are different. They only have to answer for themselves, and they usually prefer to take over market share left by the big sports brands, and make extra revenue when it is possible. Moving to other markets is difficult for smaller operators, and they prefer to make money even in light of the new anti online casino legislation. This process has several interesting affects over the sports gambling industry.

The big brands are now operating in foreign markets, and the global online casino industry is growing and becoming more professional. English speaking players from Europe are enjoying quality sites and many new online casino sports books are launching overseas. The American market, on the other hand, is shrinking. There are still many offers online, but they are usually by small operators that offer less attracting features. Ayre believes that things will change for the better pretty soon, and that the new Democrat Congress will have a positive affect on the online sports gambling community in America. After all, the American public loves online gambling, and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act will not hold very long.

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