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Online Casino Sports Book Offers Odds on Republicans

A leading online casino sports betting company is getting involved in this years Congressional elections, and they’re not just showing up to vote! The online casino sports book is offering odds on the Republican Party in an overwhelming betting frenzy that the Republicans will keep the majority in the Senate. Online casino bettors have already placed nearly 88 percent of their money bets on the Republican Party.

Regarding the House of Representatives, however, the story is quite different. Online casinos bettors have nearly 75 percent of their money on the line for a Democratic takeover. According to the odds makers at the online casinos site, the Democrats are -400 to win the House and +170 to gain control of the Senate. Republicans are +300 to retain control over the House and -220 to retain the Senate. The latest polls show the Democrats as sure winners of House seats. However, there are as many as 45 House seats churning around in the current political tempest. That’s enough to get online casino bettors to place their bets on whom they think will take those seats.

The Senate race can hardly get hotter. Of the 33 Senate seats up for election on November 7th, most are expected to remain in the incumbent party’s hands. However the chips fall on Election Day, online casino bettors will definitely have fun placing their bets and seeing whether or not their bets paid off. In the meantime, all eyes will be on the news, as well as the online casino site, to see the latest in the political storm that is leading up to a major Election event.

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