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Online Casino Offers Colt’s Odds

A leading online casino sports book is offering odds on the Indianapolis Colts undefeated streak. So far, online casino bettors and sports fans, after beating New England Sunday night, have helped update odds on Indianapolis finishing undefeated as well as odds on when the team will suffer its first loss, if at all at the online casino.

Football fans who love to bet at the online casino will find the opportunity to do so on their favorite sport will make the game more interactive and definitely more fun. ‘While no NFL team has finished with an undefeated season in 34 years, the Colts have already overcome their major roadblocks en route to finishing a perfect 16-0 this year. With their remaining opponents holding a combined 26-38 record, Indianapolis going undefeated at 6/1 represents unprecedented value to bettors. Of course, things could get very interesting on the season’s final day if the disappointing Dolphins are the final obstacle standing in the way of the Colts matching Miami’s perfect, 1972 season,’ said Simon Noble of the online casino sports betting site.

The online casino originally opened odds on the Colts finishing a perfect 16-0 at odds of 20/1 and becoming the first team since the 1972 Dolphins to finish with an untarnished regular season record. The odds that the Colts will also be unable to match the record-holding Dolphins stand as a 1/7 favorite. The online casino odds makers currently list the Colts’ trip to Dallas on November 19th, 2006 as a 2/1 favorite to become Indianapolis’ first regular season loss. Only time will tell whether or not the Colts will succeed in remaining undefeated for the entire season.

OCA News Editor