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Horses race, but still not at online casino sites

Online casino sports are all about the money. Horse racing is the most famous of these sports featured at the sportsbooks and at online casino sites. Sure, horse breeders are busy and dedicated people, who take care of their horses and train them, personally invested in their success at the races. And the sports fans are also involved in the final score. However, most people who follow horse racing specifically are in it for the money.

A new horse racing course has opened in Israel last month. It is Israel’s first official horse racing stadium. But no bets are accepted at the race track as of yet. They are not available for bettors at online casino sites either. Gambling in most forms is illegal in Israel, and so will the new horse racing sport remain out of bounds to Israeli gamblers at online casino sites. Only state sponsored gambling as a national lottery and soccer bets are allowed.

At this new horse racing track, spectators will do just that – be spectators. No profit will be made at these races, and no online casino sites will present lines for bets or accept bets on the horses. The day when sports betting will be legal, and possibly even be available at online casino sites, might not be far away. After approving the new horse racing sport, at the cost of $20 million, the Israeli government began proceedings to legalize horserace betting. But the finance ministry has yet to approve the proposals.

OCA News Editor