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NBA joins online casino sports

A new visitor could be found at the online casino sports sections. Whether you are looking at a site that is dedicated entirely to sports, or a more versatile online casino with many gambling options featured on it, you are bound to find basketballs bouncing across the screen. October 31 saw the opening of the 2006/7 NBA season, and a fresh new page for placing bets and wagering on your favorite teams.

While traditionally, horseracing, the NFL and college sports have been topmost favorites at online casino sites, other sports have joined the selection. Basketball, with a long season of 82 games, and a 16 team playoff system, offers many fun options for wagering. As a sports team with individual stars aplenty, gambling at the online casino sports book can take the form of total season wins, specific games and match-ups, as well as individual statistics.

The picture at the online casino sites, as it looks at this (early) point in the season, has Miami Heat and San Antonio spurs favorites to win the tile, the Boston Celtics and Charlotte Bobcats least favorite, and the line for Lebron “King” James’s scoring average for the season set at 32.5 points per game (to along with 7 rebounds and 6.2 assists). If you think he can do better, why don’t you visit an online casino sports book and express your opinion, and bet on it at that.

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