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Online casino sports bets are not simple

Sports bets at the online casino are easier for gamblers who know the sport well. It is most certainly easier to guess a winner when you know the teams playing and all the relevant factors involved. But this hardly makes online casino sport bets simple. As in predicting the weather, one can take in all the factors and still a dark cloud may appear overhead or the sun shine bright. Such is the life of the online casino sport gambler.

The 2006 World Series, which ended this past weekend, is a prime example for the “treacherous” life of the online casino sport gambler. Who could have imagined the St. Louis Cardinals, a team that won only 83 games in the regular season, would go on and beat the San Diego Padres and the New York Mets, and go on to face the Detroit Tigers – all teams with better records. The Mets and Tigers could also boast lines at the online casino sportsbooks.

Another factor familiar to online casino gamblers when placing bets on who would win the World Series, or any professional sport league, is the salary payroll. Here too the Cardinals are a surprise, with only the 12th highest of all Major League teams. But just as the Cardinals were a surprise winner, upsetting many at the online casino sportsbooks, they have also made a few winners across the gambling world. For nothing is more rewarding and exciting than a surprise underdog winning the title and throwing the online casino world into a frenzy.

OCA News Editor