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October is prime time for online casinos sports bets

A full Major League Baseball season is a whopping 162 games long. Beginning sometime in March – and die-hard fans would not miss the pre-season and training camps before that either – it is a long wait until the best and luckiest teams reach the playoffs. Now that they October is on its way, online casinos are gearing up for heavy volume betting. Let us take a look at the sports betting options available at the online casinos this time of the year.

First, the bet you placed at the online casinos in the beginning of the season, trying to guess who the World Series Champions would turn out to be, is close to being decided. Other long term bets could include who made the playoffs at all. As per the different series being played during October, the online casinos sports books allow bets on who will win the series, by how many games and of course game scores.

An interesting bet at online casinos is the “5th inning line.” A baseball game must go five innings for this bet to count, and both listed starting pitchers must start for the wagers to have action. Online casinos take the score after five innings to settle the wagers. There you have it – another innovative, exciting and challenging way offered by online casinos for your sports betting activities.

OCA News Editor