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Jeter a sure bet at online casinos

Imagine if at your online casino sports books you were able to place a bet on every at-bat. Not just have to wait for the end of the sports match to know the outcome, or the end of the year to learn who the World Series champs are, but actually gamble each and every time an athlete puts his helmet on and leans over home-plate. If online casino sports bets would have had this option Tuesday night, there would have been one sure bet for gamblers everywhere.

New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter went an amazing 5 for 5 in the first game of the American League Division Series against the Detroit Tigers. Although a standard sports bet would be on the final score (8-4, Yankees win) or the outcome of the series (so far the Yankees are ahead 1-0), we can at least imagine otherwise.

What if the onlien casino sports bets section had an option to bet on single at-bats. Every time Jeter stood up to the Tigers’ pitchers, he reached base – two singles, two doubles and a homer to top it all off in the eighth. Can you imagine his line in online casino sports books? Can you imagine Jeter repeating this phenomenal feat? If you can, maybe you should bet on it…

OCA News Editor