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Online casinos sport bets include Canadian Idol

The familiar online casino offers various card games, table games, slots and others. An online casino might have themes and offer an environment more specific for different style players. And yet another online casino might offer betting on different fields. Popular among these sub-categories are sports betting sites.

But even sports betting sites, a sports-specific version of the greater family of online casinos, tend to shift away from sports on occasion. The fourth season of Canadian Idol was just such an occasion. When the show was down to 10 contestants, a sports betting site opened betting. This was back in July. The online casino visitors were right with their picks, it turns out, as the two left standing as the show enters its final week are Eva Avila and Craig Sharpe.

The online casino Pinnaclesports has Avila as favorite to win the competition and become Canadian Idol. When betting opened at the online casino, Sharpe was the favorite, even if by a small margin. Either Canadian Idol is a sports competition or this online casino just decided to expand its repertoire, but at the end of the day this is surely another exciting gamble for online casinos.

OCA News Editor