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Online Casino Sports Book Ends Betting on Rock Star Supernova

Betting on the popular reality television show, Rock Star Supernova, has halted at famous online casino sports book, Sports Book. With a significant number of accounts were opened at the online casino betting site to wager solely on this show. The reason for the halt in taking bets on this show has to do with a fear that the band including rock legends Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted, and Gilby Clarke, has already chosen their front main in Lukas Rossi, and that the word has leaked out among online casinos bettors.

Rossi has been a hit with online casinos props bettors, as well as with the reality television show’s fans, since the beginning of the show. For this reason, it came as no surprise that he had the best odds at the online casino sports book. Rossi posted odds of 10-13, ahead of his competitors, Dilana Robichaux at 5-2, Toby Rand at 3-2 odds, and Magni Asgeirsson, at 4-1 odds. When online casinos betting came to a screeching halt, Rossi’s odds were at 5-9.

This has been a problem in the past among various online casino sports betting sites. Occasionally, a leak occurs, causing the online casinos sports books to close operations on those particular bets. This will surely happen again, and online casinos bettors will be faced with possibly losing money or dealing with a serious inconvenience. Although bets usually go off without a hitch for most props bets, once in a while, things can go awry, even at the best sports books.

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