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Online Casino Adjusts to New Clock

College football has been significantly affected this season by the two new clock rules, also known as rules 3-2-5 and 3-2-5-e, which were designed to shorten the game. The online casino world was forced to adjust as well. The first change means the clock starts on a kickoff when the ball is kicked, not when the receiving team touches it. The other change means the clock starts on a change of possession when the ball is marked ready for play, not when it is snapped. Worried about spectators’ attention span during 3 and half hour long games, the rule was implemented, much to the concern of online casino sports gamblers.

Football experts are saying that the changes will result in games being shortened by an average of 10 to 20 plays, which means lower scores with more time being shaved off the clock during changes of possession. Teams will gain an average of 100 fewer yards, and scoring is reduced by 4.5 points. Luckily there were some people working before the football season opened and at the online casinos, odds makers were able to adapt to the changes before the first kick-off.

Bettors at the online casino should consider a few things now that the rule is out there. First, a shorter game will most likely result in shorter lines. Take into consideration that if this year there are 10 percent less snaps, the line should also be reduced by 10 percent. Another issue to think about at the online casinos is that less possessions means a better chance the game will be decided by three or seven points.

OCA News Editor

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