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Online Casino Aims for US Market

During a time of uncertainty, where high ranking officials at sports betting online casinos are arrested left and right, rises a hard-to-ignore player, right in the middle of the United States. The US market for sports books isn’t the most stable market out there, to say the least, but BET US apparently has little problem entering and capitalizing on the fact that the competing sports betting online casinos are fleeing for there lives due to impending legislation that bans online casino gambling.

Bet US is an online casino sports book, who like many others, are Costa Rica based and operate under a Kahnawake license. But unlike many others in the same line of business, BET US is aiming to pull in the American bettors to their site, starting with Massachusetts, and are doing so with a very large commercial budget. The legality of Internet gambling remains a gray area in Massachusetts, which has no specific laws against wagering at online casinos and over the past few days, BET US is introducing itself via a marketing site with a similar name on billboards throughout the Boston area.

The sportsbook is looking for new customers following the opening of the football season but are not taking any risks. The billboards are promoting BET which is a marketing firm for their online casino mothership, which goes by the same name but with a ‘com’ in the End. The marketing site does not offer real money gambling or links to the operational site. Up until now this has been a widely used ploy to market the brand of online casinos with impunity, because the site advertised does not actually offer gambling. This advertising attack comes just weeks after BET US signed a$1.3 million deal to run advertisements on Howard Stern’s Sirius Satellite radio show.

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