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Online casino explores new reality territory

Online casino and gambling front runner Bodog, will air a new reality series starting September 12th, featuring a whole new player in the reality scene. The ‘Bodog fight’ features nearly two dozen mixed martial arts fighters battling for a spot in a live pay per view finale. The series has finished filming in the remote jungles of Costa Rica this past month and will air on the Men’s Network, a Dish network channel. The series will run for eight weeks and will be followed by the pay per view finale scheduled for November 4th in Los Angeles. In the finale, the online casino Bodog finalists will take on the fierce fighters from the Russian Red Devils Sports Club.

The mixed martial arts are enjoying growing popularity, and just this year, two major events were held in Las Vegas. The events took the state of Nevada by surprise as they ranked just behind bouts involving Oscar Del la Hoya, Fernando Vargas and ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley. The MME, with the help of online casino Bodog, is aiming to surpass the popularity of boxing and to become the main event. The reality series is sure to push it forward, and pull in new fans from around the US, as well as gamblers from the online casino world.

In the series, viewers will be taken behind the scenes and get to see the training regimen of the elite Russian Squad as well as the individual training programs and lifestyles of the American fighters, training to be part of ‘Team America’. In order to achieve reality fame, the fighters will have to go through a bit of striking, grappling and other modern fighting strategies, such as sprawl-and-brawl, clinch-and-pound, ground-and-pound, and submission wrestling. They must overcome one another before meeting the Russians. The Reality show will try and uncover the essence of Mixed Martial Arts as a sport and a lifestyle, and online casino Bodog spokesman promises nothing less than a ‘raw and riveting’ look into the world of MME.

OCA News Editor