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Online Casino Sports Book Shows Great Progress Reflects Industry

Blue Square, one of the most popular online casino sports books, is having a wonderful year, and why will not it? With World Cup 2006, the World Basketball Championship, Tour de France, and more – this was a busy year at the online casino sports books. Blue Square has released some of its financial figures this week stating that revenues are up by 50(!) percent and that the total number of active online casino players has risen by 12.5 percent and now stands at 261,000 players.

There is much talk about online poker and online casino gaming, but from the looks of it, online sports wagering is not that far behind. In fact, several other online casino gambling scopes are starting to gain popularity as well. The online casino sports book also mentioned that fact that the newly launched bingo site that it is operation shows great promise and marked great success in August. People are more interested in a multi-level gambling experience, and do not stick to one gambling feature as before.

The online casino sports book elaborated on its earnings and stated that revenues of GBP 18.6 million, about $35.4 million, were made. Other financial figures showed that Rank group, the online casino sports book’s operators, had their revenues climb to GBP 277 million, but suffered a 10.6 drop in operational profits. Either way, online casino sports gambling is getting bigger by the day, and there are more people wagering on sports events than ever before.

OCA News Editor

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