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Online Casino Sports Book Celebration Begins with World Poker Tour

Sports fan and gambling fans unite! The World Poker Tour has announced the date for the World Poker Finals tournament so you better clear your schedule for some online casino sports book gambling! The tournament will take place between October 25 and November 17 at the Foxwoods Resort Casino. As with all other poker tournaments all major online casino sports book offer many wagers and promotions to celebrate the great gambling sporting event. So you better head to your favorite online casino sports book today and get the latest information.

This year’s prize pool is estimated to reach a peak of $15 million! This number means that we are up for a great competition as the best casino poker players in the world battle for the first place. Online casino sports books are not the only place you should visit. Many online casino sites offer satellite contests for such events and maybe you could have a seat at the table. Poker is a great sport and events such as these are a great cause for an online casino celebration that you should enjoy!

The online casino world is always looking for something to celebrate, and when that something has a direct connection to both gambling and sports, then the fun is twice as exciting. Play World Poker Tour contest, enjoy great promotions and bonuses, and wager on the outcome of this casino poker event at the online casino sports books. If you check your favorite online casino, and can’t find any promotion for this event, then give it a day or two. As the date approaches, you will find more and more promotions available.

OCA News Editor