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Online Casino Sports Book Offers Two New Wagers

Fans of online casino gambling know that online casino sports book are for not only sports fans and that are other fields that people can wager on. One of the biggest and most successful online casino sites is offering two new and very interesting wagers. Online gambling sites, particularly online sports books, are constantly updating their offerings and add new wagers according to the developments in the fields of sports, entertainment, and even politics.

The first wager that this online casino sports book is offering is dealing with a political topic. You can enter the online casino and wager on whether or not Fidel Castro will retake control of Cuba by October 31. That means that you should head to the online casino and place your bets today as October is not that far away. If you are into politics and world affairs then you will have a blast at the online sports books as they have many wagers like this one. Stop arguing with your friends about politics and head to the online gambling sites to make some money!

The second interesting wager that is offered on at the online casino sports book deals with a legal issue. Currently in the United States, there is an ongoing legal debate on whether or not community sites such as My Space and such are a positive elements on the net or due to security and privacy issues should be banned. The new wager at the online casino lets you wager on the outcome of this legal debate and make some money if you think you know what will happen.

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