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WSOP is the Biggest Sports Event at Online Casino Sites

Sports is one of the most relevant topics when talking about online gambling, as most online casino sites offer online sports wagers, but this week a different kind of sports event has opened. A sporting event that is all about gambling – The World Series of Poker. With more than 8,000 entrants and a possible win of $12 million, the World Series of Poker is the hottest event in the world of online casino gambling and the world of sports today! Join the online casino party and follow the progress of the tournament online.

Most online casino sites have offered special WSOP promotions and satellite prizes during the last few months. There are many lucky online casino players that made it to the tournament and will play side by side with the best poker players in the world. This year’s is the 37th World Series of Poker and the tournament is hosted at the Amazon Convention Center in Vegas. The entire world of gambling, online casino based and land-based alike is focused on this event and the outcomes of the tournament.

The World Series of Poker brings one of the biggest prizes in the world of gambling, a reported giant prize pool of $72 million, and maybe one of the online casino players that attend the event will take this outrageous prize home with him. The focus that the world of online casino is giving such events is unparalleled and you will see more and more coverage as the tournament advances and the high-stacking important rounds are played. The final table is played on August 10, and there are many special promotions and contest scheduled for this day at the online casino sites.

OCA News Editor