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Online Casino Sports Book Postpones Conference, For Now

Bodog, one of the largest online casino sports books, has decided to postpone its famous online gambling marketing conference due to recent developments in the online casino industry. The online sports book site, Bet on Sports, is getting many headlines that it would have gladly give up on. The CEO of the online casino sports book has been arrested by the Department of Justice and was indicted for his online gambling activities. The people over at Bodog believed that it is not the right time for such gatherings.

Many elements in the online casino community have canceled their participation in the conference, and the sports book decided to postpone. The Bodog Marketing Conference is an annual meeting of the online casino industry where the current and future status of the industry is discussed. If many of the people suppose to participate, were not be there, the conference will not be affective, and that is why the online casino sports book will reschedule.

The future is unclear, these days, with the arrest of online casino sports book Bet on Sports’ CEO. The Goodlatte bill is heading for Senate, and online casino gambling in the United States have a big question mark all over it. The Bodog Marketing Conference is one of the biggest events in the world of online gambling and online casino sports wagering, and it will surly take place in the near future. Although things are not looking great, the industry is moving on and looks forward better times.

OCA News Editor