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Sports Options for World Cup Wagering at Online Casino Sites

The last round of World Cup’s groups stage is here, and now is the best time to place your bets at the online casino sports betting sites. Until now it was hard to say which teams will make it to the next round, but with only one more game for each team to play – things are looking better for you online casino sports betting fans. With each team playing three decisive games, it was hard to predict the winner of each group, but now you are able to make a smart decision and even win at the online casino sports book!

Let’s run through the different groups and online casino options see what we have. Germany and Ecuador both has 6 points each and will clearly make it for the next round, so it’s only a question of how will be Group A’s winner. It’s hard to say as both teams are very strong, but the better bet will have to Germany. Group B brings us a face off between England and Sweden for the first and second place in the group, as again, both teams have secured their next stage ticket. England is clearly better and you should bet your money on the guys from the British Island. There are many options to make it big at the online casino sports books this week, so don’t miss out on the action.

Group C brings the best odds at the online casino sports books, as both Argentina and Netherlands have 6 points. Argentina has more goals scored then Netherlands and that means that they will be first in their group even if Netherlands draws a tie. There are many different online casino options that you can wager on during World Cup with more options being added all the time.

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