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Online Casino Sports Fans Should Check Out Group C

Everyone believed that World Cup’s Group C will be the most unpredictable group of them all, and that people wagering on Group C matches at online casino sports books are nuts. Group C consist of Netherlands, Serbia & Montenegro, Ivory Coast and Argentina. Definitely, a hard choice and every game played so far was an online casino sports books riddle. It is very hard determining which team will be the first in the group, but with two rounds behind us, things are becoming clearer and if you are looking for your next win at the online casino sports books – Group C might be the one to bet on.

There are two more matches for this group, with Argentina facing Netherlands on June 21 and Ivory Coast facing Serbia & Montenegro on the very same day. Argentina vs. Netherlands is a game for the books, and could easily be a World Cup final match. All online casino sports books fans will follow this game. The match on June 21 will determine which team will head the group. Both Netherlands and Argentina secured there place in the second round and will battle one another for the first place in Group C. If you are looking for the best bet at the online casino sports books, then you should bet on Argentina all the way.

Argentina scored 8 goals so far and Netherlands scored only 3, which means that if the game ends with a tie Argentina will still be the first in the group because they have the most goals in their favor. Look for online casino wagers that discuss group standings and put your money on Argentina for an online casino sports books win! The only way Argentina will not head the group is in case Netherlands win, and that is a remote possibility right now. Group C has turned into a ‘sure-bet’ for online casino sports books wagering.

OCA News Editor