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Sports Themed Slots Game Hits Online Casino Sites

If you find yourself bored between World Cup matches, and can’t find any other sports wagers to bet on, then you should check out the new sports themed slots game from online casino software provider Microgaming. The online casino software provider is known for its great slots machines that feature all sorts of different themes. Form X-Men slots to Pirate Slots, Microgaming has it all, and now it even has a World Cup themed sports slots machine at the online casino sites.

The new sports themed slots machine targets online casino players that are into sports, but the game is so much fun and has a lot of different options – that any fan of online casino gambling will love it! The new slots machine is a 5-reel 15-payline monster that stores many surprises for online casino players who love sports and soccer. World Cup Mania Slots promises the winner a $12,500 jackpot! Not bad at all, for between matches fun.

The best thing about the new sports World Cup slots machine is the Free Kick Bonus option. If you are lucky enough to get this bonus, you will be the happiest player at the online casino! Remember that World Cup Mania Slots is a video slots machine, and Free Kick Bonus brings out the best of online casino video slots playing. The sports themed game turns in to a shoot-the-bad-guys kind of game, where a virtual goalkeeper will try blocking your free kick. That’s right! You get a free kick into the virtual goal and if you’ll make it – you’ll win the big online casino jackpot!

OCA News Editor