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World Cup Kicks Off at the Online Casino Sports Sites

World Cup 2006 kicked off on Friday with many online casino sports fans following the action. A great opening game between Germany and Costa Rica left a great feeling regarding the pace of the tournament. We also saw great performance by Argentina an Ivory Cost and a bit less impressive show by England and Sweden. Until now all teams that were ‘suppose’ to win according to online casino odds did prevail, except form Sweden who didn’t mange to score against the much weaker Trinidad & Tobago. This was the first weekend of World Cup and there’s much more in store for all you online casino sports betting fans!

This World Cup, as oppose to the one four years ago, doesn’t seem to hold any big surprises and you better stick to what the online casino sports books are offering. Although people who wagered at online casino sports sites on an unexpected tie between Sweden and Trinidad & Tobago won a hefty sum on Saturday, all conventional bets proved safe enough to stick with. Germany was clearly better than Costa Rica, Argentina showed great skills during their match against Ivory Coast and England also showed potential. There are more games with favorites playing lower-ranking teams and these matches hold great opportunities for online casino sports betting.

Sticking with the favorites seems like the right move for online casino sports bettors. There are three games everyday and many options to collect a lot of money at the online casino sites. Place your bets today and don’t miss the groups stage of the tournament. Once the second stage is here and favorites face each other it will be much harder to pick the winner.

OCA News Editor