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Illegal Online Casino Sports Betting Being Squashed in Thailand

Thai police have decided that they have had enough of illegal online casino sports gambling that has been plaguing the country for the past few years and have decided to get tough. The police have announced that in the wake of the 2006 World Cup, and the expected flood of sports betting attempts, Bangkok police have put the city’s bookies on notice. The police have said that in order to facilitate this heightened anti-sports betting alert, some 100 special units will be in place during the World Cup season.

These special units that have been formulated especially to fight illegal sports betting will boost the existing police’s work. The focus of the police’s action will be on the sports bookies who will obviously be the main attraction for those seeking to participate in sports betting before the World Cup. Thailand’s police chief has further announced that policemen would be punished if they did not manage to arrest gamblers and guilty sports bookies.

In a further step to quell illegal sports betting, Thai prison authorities have announced that they will not allow live football matches to be aired in the prisons, but rather will show the matches at a later stage. This move, they believe, will discourage sports betting which is not only illegal, but could lead to violence amongst prisoners. With bookies being pressured online casino gambling might be the answer for Thai sports betting fans.

OCA News Editor

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