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Online Casino Wager for World Cup Group A

With World Cup starting this Friday and all major online casino sports sites offering World Cup wagers, it is time to take a closer look at each group. June 9 marks the beginning of FIFA World Cup 2006 and the groups stage of the biggest sporting event in the world will start. There are so many World Cup wagers at online casino sports sites that it is really hard to follow everything. Let’s try to make things a bit less complicated by taking a look at one group at a time. Group A is a great opportunity for any online casino sports fan.

Group A consists of Germany, Poland, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. Germany is clearly the favorite of this group and placing your money on Germany will be the smartest move at the online casino. Many online casino sports sites offers to place bets on the team that will be the first winner in the group, and all odds favor Germany. Poland is also a very strong group and if you’re looking for a second winner wager, then Poland should be your online casino sports bet.

These two bets are the best choices among all online casino sports wagers available for group A. Another great bet at the online casino sports sites will be placing your money on Germany when it faces Costa Rica on June 9. Of course, surprises can always happen and this is sports we are talking about, not exact science, but world-class Germany are expected to have a field day at their opening World Cup match against Costa Rica.

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