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3BWin and Alternative Online Casino Sports Betting

3BWin is a new online casino sports betting site that is promising to chance the way that bettors place bids and deal with odds. The company has been receptive to online casino sport betting trends, and has understood that fewer and fewer people are prepared to risk betting against the house, or on games were the house has too much control over the betting. This online casino sports betting site believes that instead of forcing the customer to place bets on predefined coupons with limited chances of winning, users themselves are allowed to control the bets. This change will let the bettor to define the matches enclosed, sports betting limits, participants and even determine the size of the winnings and how they can be divided amongst participants. They will even be able to invite friends and colleagues to get place bets with them.

This online casino sports betting site which is situated, as several other gambling sites, in Malta. It is run as a joint venture by Hattrick, one of the world’s largest football communities with over 800.000 active users, and the 3B gaming/betting community with over 10.000 active users. The online casino sports betting site hopes to establish themselves as one of the leading betting companies in Europe. With already close to 850.000 community members within reach, this goal does not seem unrealistic. The site is currently being launched in most countries across Europe.

The managers of the online casino site believe that the sports betting market in Europe is one of the hottest things about. With the astonishing growth of online casino poker in the past 18 months, there is definitely a need to introduce an alternative option for the traditional sports betting choices available in Europe. The CEO believes that they have challenged the classic business model and might find several sites following suit.

OCA News Editor