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Bet Fair Online Casino Sports Betting Heading for the States?

The online casino and sports betting industry is dynamic and explosive. There are more and more sites entering the markets all the time and the managers of these companies have to continuously look for different ways to expand, merger and develop. Online casino sports betting site, Bet Fair, has recently hinted that it is looking for ways to expand. Analysts have been reading into recent comments made by the online casino sports betting site and assess that it might be considering spreading to the US markets.

The director of business development for the online casino sports betting site, Christian Hellmers said that the group could provide $50 million in revenue for the US in new shared revenues for itself, racetracks and horsemen by 2008 if it is permitted to operate in the country. Hellmers further explained that the online casino sports betting site could increase the $134 million annual wagering market in the US, while gross revenue could hit $30 million by 2007 and $50 million by 2008.

With the future of online casino sports betting and gambling in America still questionable, expansion into the American market has been halted by some online casino sites. If Bet Fair sports betting site decides to proceed on its move to expand, then this could boost the American online casino industry at a period that it is needed most.

OCA News Editor