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Online Casino Horse Betting to Go Remote?

It might seem totally paradoxical, but experts in the online casino horse betting industry are saying that in order to improve the slumped image of horse betting, the bettors should stay at home. In the past decade, there has been a significant slump in the amount of people attending horseracing events, or people participating in horse betting on the actual premises where the events were taking place. This, says experts, is an indication that people would be more comfortable staying at home and betting from there, using online casino sites possibly.

Online technology and online casino sites were once viewed as the archenemy of horse betting. It now seems that this technology might be the only way to save the horse betting industry. In one example of the growing interest to place remote horse betting – You Bet, an online casino sports betting site processed nearly $5.6 million in wagers, a 34 percent increase over 2005 during this year’s Kentucky Derby Day.

What is the logic behind pushing people to get involved in remote horse betting? The experts explain that technological developments have helped the sports industry become more accessible to millions of people. Online casino sports betting is a major craze and if bettors can be introduced to horse betting via the internet, they may be encouraged to attend the live event. Even if a small percentage of the billions that engage in online casino sports betting attend a live horse race, then the horse racing industry should improve.

OCA News Editor