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Pinnacle Online Casino Sports Betting Site Updates UEFA Cup Finals Odds

The World Cup may still be more than a month away but soccer online casino sports betting fans still need some action in the mean time. The UEFA Cup finals are around the corner, and Pinnacle Sports, a leading online casino sports betting site, has adapted its odds for the contest. The tournament’s showcase finals are set to take place in one week’s time. The online casino sports betting site is expecting unparalleled interest in the match between Arsenal and Barcelona which will take place in Paris on May 17th.

The online casino sports betting site has placed a lot of attention on this game because they know that the players are showing great excitement about it too. There are two top players in the teams’ makeup: two-time reigning FIFA World Player of the Year Ronaldinho and explosive Cameroon striker Samuel Eto’o. The Barcelona team are currently the online casino sports betting sites -185 favorite to grab the European Club Football’s top prize.

The online casino sports betting site has announced that once this tournament is over, the site will be gearing up full force for the World Cup. It promises amazing prizes, top bonuses and superb odds layouts for its regular bettors and will also cater for the impending influx of new bettors.

OCA News Editor