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Asia Launches New Online Casino Sports Betting Site

The Asian markets in general, and Chinese markets in particular, are the new focus of a sports betting and online casino site. The sports betting and online casino industries have long ignored this section of the globe, but finally one company is taking this continent seriously. The most densely populated continent surely deserves some attention! China Wager is a new online casino and sport betting site which has been set up to cater specifically for the Asian betting markets.

Director of Marketing for the new online casino sports betting site said that they had been nursing the idea of launching an Asian-focus sports betting site for some time. With the booming Asian markets and the technological breakthroughs occurring on a daily basis, the company decided that it was about time that the Asian markets were taken seriously. The market potential for an Asian-focused online casino sports betting site was enormous, he said, and that they have still not tapped a percentage of their targeted client base. He continued that the sports betting and online casino site was developing at a rapid pace and looked forward spreading the excitement of sports betting and online casino games to as many Asians as possible.

Asians are serious soccer fans, so just in time for the World Cup, the online casino sports betting site will be offering amazing deals and special offers. The site promises top customer service and a wide range of payment options. The Asians are used to high quality and if this site is catered for the market, as they claim, this is what they will have to provide.

OCA News Editor