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Online Casino Sports books Dabble in Politics

The trend of online casino sports book’s are changing. Previously they would only offer odds on major matches and famous teams. Then online casino sports books began to offer odds on smaller matches and less popular teams because of the spread of their user base. However, in recent years, not even sporting events are the major interest of online casino sports book sites. More and more sportsbook have begun placing odds on events in the entertainment and political arenas.

One current popular bid being offered by a major online casino sports book is the outcome of the trail of former American Gov. Don Siegelman. People can bet up to $100 on the online casino sports book site whether Siegelman will be found guilty of one of several charges brought against him – bribery, extortion, obstructing justice, fraud or racketeering. It seems that the courtroom is not the only place that decisions and speculations about the trial will be taking place. The online casino sports book court room is often more effective than a regular courtroom, one user joked.

Other recent political bids being offered by the online casino sports book have been: How many standing ovations would President Bush receive at his State of the Union address? Who would be the first Cabinet member replaced by President Bush? Which party will win the 2008 presidential election? If you are interested in political gambling, visit your favorite online casino sports book today to find out what’s in store.

OCA News Editor